Addendum: Mobile Web 2.0/IMS/User Generated Content/Mobile Network Operators training course ..

Here are some addendums to the previous post on Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS

Many thanks to Tony Kypreos – Executive Vice President of T-mobile and course attendee last week (Web 2.0 and User Generated Content training course at Oxford University) for his help and feedback in creating this addendum

All the below in context of IMS/IP/Web 2.0/Mobile Web 2.0

Cross functional appeal for an organization (Marketing/Sales/Customer service/finance/legal)

Cross industry:

Media Companies – impact of User generated content and Long tail

Telco -

Impact on own network,

a) Product development cycles (no longer sequential and silo big scale no iterative, testing and pilots. New services no longer siloed products – mash-up of products to make new services. Fail early and small to learn from customer feedback to succeed big.)

b) Business cases (current approach is not flexible enough to take advantage of fast moving world of User Generated Content),

Legal (much wider reaching and grey areas of collaboration rather than typical vendor buyer),

marketing (understanding of new social trends and competitive threats), service (new ways of servicing more demanding customers)

c) Brands – how can brands develop better interaction and achieve wider reach e.g. via mobile?

d) Consumer trends – how are consumer social trends fuelling the web 2.0 evolution and what are the implications of this to Telco and Media companies?

including Personalisation, Productivity (how web 2.0 is increasing effectiveness (e.g. WebTop applications)), Participation (no longer passive consumers but adding to the community (e.g. myspace))


  1. mark pollack says:

    I think telco’s are moving into the UGC world in a big way. IDT a billion dollar publicly traded telco recently acquired a 3.5 million user user generated mobile content community (which FOX’s interactive group had been chasing). This space is going to get crowded very quickly.