3 X series: Blogs about a 3G lifestyle ..


Hello all

Considering my recent enthusiasm for the 3 X series, it was great to meet Mike Stead, project manager responsible for the rollout of the 3 X series. I already have a three connection (which I currently use for mainly for voice!) and I have decided to ‘live and blog’ the 3G / x series life. This will be an independent assessment of the X series and I believe the readers of the OpenGardens blog would benefit greatly from the findings (essentially the experience of a full 3G service in a fixed price world).

Mike and his team have offered help with understanding the service but there is no other relationship with Three at the moment. Thus, my blogs will be completely independent.

This should be fun so .. Watch this space.

The official xseries blog is HERE

I am off to the Carphone Warehouse for an upgrade!