Tony Fish’s talk at Mobile 2.0 ..

Following a long review of the Mobile 2.0 event from Dr Paddy Byers, I found this nice 10 point summary at the Blue Flavour blog : 10 Things I Learned at Mobile 2.0

The 10th point talks about We are creators not consumers from Tony Fish’s presentation. As many of you know, Tony is my co-author for Mobile Web 2.0, and we are indeed happy to see this.

Its a pity I missed it. Looks like it is a must attend event in future!

Read the whole list, but Point 10 is

#10 We are creators not consumers

The highlight of the day was Tony Fish giving an excellent, though very under-appreciated, discussion about Mobile Web 2.0. He provided a variety of well spoken points about the trends, needs and goals of people. Things like user-generated content, mash-ups, etc are not new concepts, but have been around for hundreds of years. He not only provided historical context, but excellently applied current trends to the mobile web.

The most memorable moment was when he forwarded the theory that we are not consumers at all, but creators. When everyone has the tools to create content, in addition to zero-cost publishing, we do not consume content, we create it.

His talk was inspiration, well thought out and well delivered. I look forward to reading his book and chatting to him more at future events.