The OpenGardens blog makes it to the top 20 worldwide according to Fierce Wireless!!

We made it to the top 20 blogs worldwide according to Fiercewireless!

Many thanks to all who voted for the OpenGardens blog!! We really appretiate your support

Also .. considering that the others in the top 20 include well known blogs like Gizomdo, the O Reilly emerging telephony network, engadget and Gigaom, I am truly pleased that we have done so well (i.e. we have got a lot of support from the wider community in addition to our friends and family!)

Its also great to see a global representation (Rudy from Spain, Russell from Germany and I think OpenGardens is the only British blog in that list)

Even more interesting is to see six blogs from forumoxford (Oxford university’s next generation mobile applications panel which I chair alongwith Tomi Ahonen)

Besides OpenGardens, from forumoxford we have Darla Mack , Russell Buckely and Carlo Longhino (mobhappy), Chetan Sharma, Rudy De Waele (m-trends) and Justin Oberman of mopocket

Many thanks again for your support!