OpenGardens blog on W3C’s Planet Mobile Web


Like a few other bloggers, I was honoured to be invited to the Planet Mobile Web – hosted by the w3c

For many of us who have been talking about the Mobile Web, this is a great idea. It is hosted by the Mobile Web Initiative and provides an aggregated feed.

There are many interesting bloggers here, and you should definitely check it out!

I have been evangelizing the W3C’s work when I speak; for the simple reason that we need Open, Web based standards for the industry to progress beyond what it is now.

I am looking forward to posting much more about the Mobile Web and especially the idea of the One Web.

Speaking of which, I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Rabin at Mobile Monday, whose work I have followed with some interest

Jo is modest, probably too modest, in my view!

He calls himselves an ‘Independent consultant’ and his web site does not tell you much.

Among other things, Jo is the editor of the Mobile Best Practices document and the co-editor of the Mobile OK document; both of which I follow extensively recommend that you read.

This post reveals the depth of his thinking .. One Web – Why does this stir up such emotion?

There is a lot I want to say about this post – since it has some excellent views and counter views. Overall, I believe in the overall vision of the W3C and much of what Jo has to say.

Especially, this gem :

As a general principle I believe one should write for the future and retrofit the past, where necessary, rather than writing for the past and retrofitting the future.

It will be interesting to live on the Planet Mobile.