Inferred identity using a skype directory ..


A couple of weeks ago, I met Joel Selvadurai founder of messagr at the launch party of Techcrunch UK.

Joel is working on an interesting application.

I have blogged about inferred identity using a hypothetical mechanism called PeopleRank.

Thus, I have always been interested in Identity and Reputation Systems

Messagr is an interesting aspect of inferred identity (derieved identity).

Essentially, its a Skype ‘directory’.

What’s special about that I asked Joel?

The basic skype directory does not give much (and also only what you have enteretd)

However, if you have embedded Skype in your blog, then knowing your skype id, it can then infer more information about you based on the tags associated with your blog

This is indeed a fascinating idea! Very much in line with my own visions of Identity.

Speaking of which .. I am attending the Digital Identity Forum in London tomorrow

If you are there, lets meet