Case studies: Oxford university course on Web 2.0 and User generated content ..

Hello all

As I mentioned before, I will be conducting my first ever course at Oxford university next month on Web 2.0 and user generated content

If you can suggest/add anything which I could include in the course, happy to consider it(even from your own company/case study etc)

Also, as before, if you can let anyone else know who may be interested in attending, thats great as well(Its not free but heavily subsidised by the Uni)

kind rgds



  1. Sherry Heyl says:

    I have been training companies in Atanta, GA – US – on web 2.0 and collaborative sw. What I have noticed is that the technology is not the biggest hurdle, it is the need to refocus the way people interact and the overall culture. RSS seems to be the biggest thing people struggle with, and I tend to relate RSS to the one math lesson that if you don’t get comfortable with, you will not be able to move forward, so I start with that. If you visit my site you will see a link to our course outlines, but we never follow them…they are guidelines. Each class seems to have a need to be customized.