3 announces flat rate/Open Gardens strategy!!!

Is this the biggest change in the industry yet!!

See the full press release HERE

I have long been cynical of three .. but this is a major development and I will blog/watch it with interest.

If anyone from three is interested to share more info, happy to speak to them at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com

Also, read Dean Bubley’s analysis on this topic (he attended the event)

and I also agree with David Cushman’s post that this is the single most significant digital development in recent times

Although we dont know the pricing – it would be stupid to price it too high and also it will trigger a race with the other operators.

I spent the whole day at W3C mobile initiative in Paris and the biggest question was ‘walled gardens and tariff’s – now we have the makings of a new day in our industry ..


  1. Flate rate? Open gardens? Wow. Two very important conditions to trigger true adoption…

  2. James Pearce says:

    Indeed exciting stuff. What with Sling, Skype, and now this, 3 are certainly appearing enlightened (I hope that’s not just a charitable way of describing commercial suicide!)
    I wonder if there will be any firewalling. Has there been any talk of constraining it to HTTP, or limiting mail, VoIP, gaming etc?