MOBILE user generated content and social networking worth 3.45 B this year

Over at forumoxford Dean Bubley of Disruptive analysis adds some more of his good insights to the previous post MOBILE user generated content and social networking worth 3.45 B this year

Interesting stuff, and a different “cut” of the market to that which I’ve seen before. One of the challenges in interpreting innovative data like this is to understand definition, and see if there is overlap with other adjacent segments.

There is a bit of background on this for Informa’s report here and what appears to be a chunk of a 4-year old predecessor report (by Baskerville, now part of Informa) here

Reading between the lines, I suspect that much of the revenues are from two categories:

- Membership-based communities like CyWorld in Korea, although I’m not sure exactly how they separate revenues between fixed & mobile access, as I think that you get both for one price?

- SMS or WAP chat services. I really don’t know much about this, but I suspect that it’s popular in places like China & Philippines. Tomi – any idea what % of global SMS revenues could be described as chat?

To me, a lot of this makes good sense. Much of the early growth of the public Internet was also driven by what person-to-person messaging and what is now (rather cringeingly, I think) called “user generated content”. Much of the original growth between AOL, Yahoo and peers was also around chat-rooms, message boards and the like, with services like IM & photo-sharing & webcams springing from those origins.


  1. Community based social networking sites on mobile have seriously become a money spinner. Community based chat on WAP and SMS along with interactive photo blogging has increased the revenue of operators and content providers. Thailand, China, Korea has been leading the way. I have been working on community based mobile applications for quite sometime now and I have seen the growth and revenue potential with my own eyes for my current organization