Mobile Ajax: The architecture of Mobile Ajax applications ..


I met Jesse James Garrett when we both spoke at Ajax world expo (thanks to Jeremy Geelan – Group publisher of sys-con media for the intro!).

No prizes for guessing that we were discussing Ajax – more specifically Mobile Ajax.

I have talked about Mobile Ajax before on my blog and as many of you know, I believe in the power of Mobile Ajax to transform mobile data applications and to overcome some of the limitations we see today in the industry. Specifically so, in context of full browser applications i.e. browsers following the Web standards as closely as possible.

I mentioned to Jesse that I would be happy to explore Mobile Ajax in my blog and Jesse was kind enough to agree to comment on what we find.

So, watch out for a series of Mobile Ajax blogs

Most people take a very simplistic view of Mobile Ajax – generally leaning towards ‘Google maps on Mobile devices’.

That can be best described as ‘limited thinking’

Architecturally, what I am discussing is a bit more complex. This recent wired article about Information factories/ Internet cloud architecture or the dawn of the petabyte era provides a hint.

It’s a bit verbose but the synpopsis is

The desktop is dead. Welcome to the Internet cloud, where massive facilities across the globe will store all the data you’ll ever use.

I believe that the combination of cloud arcthiecture(driven by cheap storage) coupled with the capacity of Mobile Ajax has a lot of potential to create rich applications (by both carriers and Service providers).

The only company I know at the moment who is doing something similar in this space is Soonr. I would be interested to hear from you if you are doing some interesting work on Mobile Ajax

Watch this space!