Bill Jones – Global Village: e-government and DRM ..


Bill Jones of Global Village UK spoke in China in September where he discussed Mobile Web 2.0.

Bill has been a good friend to both Tony and I and travels around the world and discusses many innovative ideas at Government/country level, specifically in the areas of e-government and DRM.(Global Village won the European Union Guide Award for Online Excellence under the eContent program The award is recognition of the best in innovation that excels in generating novel ideas for e-government and Information Society development, and converting them into operative services.)

In this instance, Bill spoke at the Zhongguancun IT Festival, one of the largest in China on the topic of DRM. It takes place in Zhonggunacun which is the Silicon Valley of China located to the North west of Beijing in Haidian District which is the district near Tsinghua University (considered one of the top 3 Universities in the world along side Princeton and Oxford), and Beijing University. The event received national media coverage.

If you are interested in either e-government or DRM, please contact Bill/me and I will try and get some information. I have also asked Bill to contribute a small article to this blog about e-government and DRM and also about his talk in China relating to DRM


  1. Bill Jones says:

    Thanks Ajit – in fact I’ve been back to China since at a Digital Media / DRM event in Shanghai which opened up new business opportunities – however I don’t have a pic of me promoting the book and Mobile Web 2.0 although I did mention it, hold it high, and weaved some of the concepts into the event. We now have 2 agreements with Chinese IT / outsourcing companies moving into the space. Getting into China is not easy – one needs an invitation and a visa which take time (2 visits on separate days to the embassy) – so trusted relationships and agreements are like gold dust.
    Our world is convergence, digital media management and trusted / secure communications service and solutions. There’s lots of columns inches written about this stuff but too few know the right questions to ask. Thankfully our exposure from LA and SF thru NY, Europe and Korea, Japan and China provides a rare view. Our work on DRM strategy in infotainment for the leading global mobile operator drawing on this global exposure was hailed as a “wake up call” to the company.
    I participated in a UK government sponsored trip to Korea and Japan recently looking at this space. If anyone wants a copy of the report please get in touch with me
    Cheers Ajit and Tony – keep up the good work