The 45th carnival of the mobilists at mobile crunch ..

Oliver Starr at Mobile Crunch posts the 45th Carnival of the mobilists. Oliver is a very clued on, insightful person and its great to his see these thoughts on my post on SoonR/Mobile Ajax

Oliver says ..

A perrenial thought leader, Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens kicks off with proof positive of another accurate prediction: SoonR or later, Mobile Ajax had to become mainstream ..

From the post:

I had predicted at the beginning of the year that Ajax will lead to a resurgence of mobile browsing applications. It has taken just a few short months to see this vision turned into a live application. This week, SoonR launched the first true Mobile Ajax application. Based on the Opera platform, SoonR’s service truly leverages the power of Mobile Ajax.

I believe Mobile Ajax applications are a new and emerging class of applications, and this service is a trendsetter of a new wave of Mobile Web applications.

Thanks Oliver! Its good to know that my thinking is appreciated by mobile crunch!