Opengardens blog is amongst the top 10 mobile blogs according to Technorati …

What a pleasant surprise! After the last post which made me sad, it’s a bit of good news to know about the list of top mobile blogs worldwide as per Technorati compiled by Rudy De Waale. OpenGardens blog is amongst the top 10 mobile blogs worldwide .. and that comes as a bit of a surprise to me as well!

Many thanks for all your support. Thanks to Rudy for tracking this on Technorati and for Mr Ahonen for pointing this out to me! ..

I also want to thank our two new contributors Dr Paddy Byers and Chetan Sharma for their brilliant contribution ..

Its great to see so many friends make the top 10. Congrats to all and especially to Howard and Co(Smart Mobs), Emily(textually), Oliver Starr(Mobile crunch), Russell and Carlo(Mobhappy) and Rafe(All about symbian) who I personally know.

Once again .. thanks for making this a great place!


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    Nice one!