Google introduces mobile ads service

It’s finally happened! …seems just like adwords and as we had predicted appears to include click to call

Google intros mobile ads service

By Colin Gibbs

Sep 5, 2006

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google Inc. has joined the mobile marketing

playground with a wireless version of its AdWords service.

The Internet giant quietly launched the offering that allows AdWords

customers to place marketing messages—including clickable links—in

listings retrieved through Google’s mobile search service. AdWords

customers can develop their own mobile advertisements and marketing

campaigns, and can set daily budgets, establish scheduled marketing

messages and pay only when consumers click the ad or call the business.

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The U.S. offering follows April’s launch of a similar service in

Japan. Google is working to patent a system for click-through ad

placements that determines the type of device being used and

automatically takes a user to a mobile Web site or places a voice

call, depending on the phone’s capabilities.

source: RCR news and unwired