would you like to blog at OpenGardens?

As many of you know, this blog has become widely read in the last few months, especially within the wider web community, because of my membership of the web 20 workgroup (which in effect resyndicates my blog globally) in addition to the links from the Mobile/Telecoms industry.

In addition, I am now running the mobile web 2.0 spotlight at sys-con

(Sys-con are a US based publisher of technical magazines and web content and one of the largest technical event organisers in the US). Thus, the opengardens blog would get even more publicity through my synergies with the sys-con blog.

As many bloggers are now doing, I am looking to open up the OpenGardens blog to a few good contributors.

Thus, I am now looking for either guest(one off) or contributing (ongoing) bloggers on the OpenGardens blog.

This would suit someone who does not want to blog regularly but still wants to get the benefits of blogging – especially by association with a well known blog which is widely syndicated. If you want to be a contributing editor, then I can have your name on the front page of the blog. If you want to be a guest contributor(one off) then that means you simply let me know a post you want to add.

Obviously, all this is good for your brand etc. Plus, you would save the trouble of starting and popularising a blog from scratch.(with one blog created every second, blogosphere doubles every five months , making it all the more difficult to set up a new blog from scratch and make it popular )

Also, there are two other advantages

a) The blog will get additional exposure due to my work with sys-con and

b) The OpenGardens blog is one of the few blogs that spans both the Web and the Mobile domians. Long term, I believe that the Web is the where the real action is!

The overall theme of the blog is web 2.0, wireless/mobile, open networks and mobile web 2.0. The quality must be consistent with the existing blogs/articles.

I will help with the editing.

Ethos and principles

My vision behind the OpenGardens blog has been :

a) The blog is about the Mobile data industry and Digital convergence – what I call ‘Mobile web 2.0′

b) Analysis is more important than ‘story’/controversy. I don’t believe that bloggers are true journalists. The blog does not have to be about the latest ‘story’ but it’s more about independent ‘analysis’/viewpoint

c) It is broadly about opening up the networks, growing digital usage and digital businesses i.e. we don’t advocate closed networks, broadcast media etc

d) It is about disruptive digital technologies

I shall introduce two contributors this week : Chetan Sharma and Dr Patrick Byers

So, watch this space!

Pls let me know at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com if this is of interest

kind rgds


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