Introducing our second contributor: Dr Paddy Byers


Following the introduction of Chetan Sharma yesterday, I am pleased to introduce Dr Paddy Byers.

Dr Paddy Byers is the CTO for Tao Group, creator of intent, a virtualisation technology used for delivering multimedia content portably to mobile phones and other consumer devices. Paddy has 13 years mobile and embedded software development experience and prior to joining Tao was an independent consultant working in computer security and safety-critical systems. Paddy holds a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge and a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science.

Paddy’s interests cover all technical means used to deliver services to mobile devices, and the role that technology might have in supporting the value chain. Specific interests include the possibilities offered by web2 technologies such as ajax; decentralisation of service creation; how to support communities of subscribers with widely diverse requirements; and technology “post-modernism” generally.

The views expressed here are personal and not necessarily those of either his employer or any customer or partner.