future of web apps event ..


I was going to attend/speak at this event but cant make it. However, I think its worth a visit considering the star speaker list. Details are as below. If you are interested, please contact them directly through link below

The Future of Web Apps

Sep 13-14, San Francisco $295 (for two days)

Speakers: Kevin Rose (Digg), Mike Arrington (TechCrunch), Carl Sjogreen

(Google Calendar), Dick Hardt (Sxip), Evan Williams (Odeo), Jeff Veen

(Google/Measure Map), Mike Davidson (Newsvine), Steve Olechowski

(FeedBurner), Cal Henderson (Flickr), Tom Coates (Yahoo!), Matt Mullenweg

(WordPress), Tantek Celik (Technorati) and Ted Rheingold (Catster/Dogster)