pingerati: trackback 2.0?

Pingerati: I have called this blog ‘pingerati’ – simply for the lack of a better word. If anyone can suggest a better phrase, I shall use it.

Here is what I am wondering about:

Trackbacks are decentralised. In the sense, that when I trackback something, a link is created between the blog I am tracking back from and my blog

Supposing, every time you track backed, there was a ‘ping’(hence pingerati!) to another site .. That site would then hold all your trackbacks ever

Why is this useful?

Imagine there is a place on the web where I could store all my trackbacks, then that place becomes an implicit profile. Maybe it could even be my own blog. Thus, my blog would contain all my blog entries, all the comments on my blogs but also all the comments I have made on other people’s blogs in a separate section.

Is this possible? What do you think? Perhaps I am not explaining this well?

Any thoughts / comments welcome

(Image shows a unix ping. Source stanford university)