A sad day for mumbai(Bombay) ..

multiple bomb blasts kill more than 139 people in Mumbai – the city where I was born and grew up.

does my picture look like the Sith Lord?

Does my picture look like the Sith Lord?

interestingly some people think so!. Considering my previous blog Of Sith Lords and the dark side of IMS


What do you think? I have been called many things – but this is a first!

are you looking to be acquired?


I have this request. If its you or you know someone who fits this, please feel free to pass it on

Please contact me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com

A company based in Asia is looking to expand in the European/US market through acquisition.

From their request:

The possible profile of the company that would be of interest to us would be one of the following:

1. A services company with ongoing relationships and an annual revenue base of around $500k – $1 million or thereabouts in the space of Mobile/Internet technologies.

2. A product company with a product either ready or already in the market which we can leverage through our Distribution channels.

3. Content companies – With exclusive mobile rights of premium properties to leverage on the mobile medium.

4. A small company which would bring in powerful knowledge and relationships of a new geography to us.

5. We are not particular about the country where the target is located but if it is UK/Europe, Taiwan, Dubai (or thereabouts) or the Valley it is desirable.

Kind rgds


Andy Hayman CBE


Today is 7/7 – a sad day for us here in the UK due to the terrorist incidents a year ago. Let us pay our tributes to the victims of this atrocity alongwith the rest of the nation and the world.

This is also a time to remember the work of our security services. Recently, Andy Hayman, Assistant commissioner of Police, was awarded a CBE for his work on 7/7. This is a great recognition inspite of the subsequent mistake in another operation.

If we don’t recognise the men and women on the front line and support their work, the forces of terror will win.

keep up the good work Andy ..

pingerati: trackback 2.0?

Pingerati: I have called this blog ‘pingerati’ – simply for the lack of a better word. If anyone can suggest a better phrase, I shall use it.

Here is what I am wondering about:

Trackbacks are decentralised. In the sense, that when I trackback something, a link is created between the blog I am tracking back from and my blog

Supposing, every time you track backed, there was a ‘ping’(hence pingerati!) to another site .. That site would then hold all your trackbacks ever

Why is this useful?

Imagine there is a place on the web where I could store all my trackbacks, then that place becomes an implicit profile. Maybe it could even be my own blog. Thus, my blog would contain all my blog entries, all the comments on my blogs but also all the comments I have made on other people’s blogs in a separate section.

Is this possible? What do you think? Perhaps I am not explaining this well?

Any thoughts / comments welcome

(Image shows a unix ping. Source stanford university)

announcing: mobile web 2.0 spotlight in partnership with sys-con


I am happy to announce that, in addition to my blog, I will also be writing for sys-con

The blog on sys-con will be called ‘Mobile web 2.0 spotlight’

The Mobile web 2.0 spotlight is a collection of the best services/products in relation to Mobile web 2.0, as I see it. In addition, I am also especially keen to highlight products from start-ups/emerging companies in this space

I am happy to receive your recommendations for excellent products / services in the mobile web 2.0 space. As you can imagine, the analysis is completely independent. If I have any affiliation with a company/product – I shall state that.

It is indeed great to work with Sys-con. I have had the pleasure of meeting the sys-con team and management, at the New York Ajax seminar in June this year.

I am also speaking at the AJAX event in Santa Clara in Oct and I look forward to meeting you there if you are attending

Please contact me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com if you have a product you want to feature

To read more about sys-con and Roger Strukhoff (sys-con group publisher), see this link

A correction to DMB/DVB-H .. and the winner is …

Hello all

I have been jetting around – hence apologies for the lack of posts. Have been meaning to post this blog as a correction to my blog DMB v.s. DVB-H and the winner is ..

In my that blog, I said that DMB has an inbuilt back channel. That’s not correct. DMB needs the operator or some other mechanism to provide a back channel. In Korea, Wibro is used as a back channel for DMB (so it does not have to be an operator)

There are some articles which allude to an inbuilt back channel in DMB and thats confusing. But I can confirm that DMB does not have an ‘inbuilt’ back channel as I originally thought.

Thanks to walter adamson for pointing this out