mobile data, $100bn and sourceo2 ..

This week brought good news with Mobile data busts $100bn milestone

For all of us who have been championing Mobile Data, that’s great news. And I remember not long ago people doubted if Mobile data was ever an industry?

But more importantly, looking behind the figures, O2 took the crown in Europe with revenues of $570m

This is VERY significant because O2 (and specifically sourceo2) has long been one of the best and most approachable Mobile Data programs outside of Japan/South Korea. It is nice to see O2 gain the benefits of the open approach to Mobile data. Well done Source O2, well done Mobile data industry!

full article as below:

NTT DoCoMo leads the way

By Jo Best

Published: Thursday 27 July 2006

While it might not be the bloated cash cow that the operators were once hoping for, mobile data is still, it seems, raking in not insignificant amounts of cash.

Researcher Informa Telecoms & Media has found that during the course of 2005 global mobile data services were worth more than $100bn in revenue. It was the first time the milestone had been reached for a 12-month period.

2006 is already on track to beat the $100bn figure, with the first quarter of this year seeing $28bn generated.

Informa found that Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo is top of the mobile data pops, extracting $2.5bn from users’ pockets in the first quarter of this year. O2 took the crown in Europe with revenues of $570m.

According to Informa, the world’s new found appetite for mobile data is a result of improved handsets, smarter tech and more users signing up.


  1. Ajit,
    Good news indeed. And of course we are beginning to see a plenty of services (from maps to social networking) proliferate the mobile space thereby providing the consumer with more reasons to subscribe to mobile data plans.
    However, one thing that everyone in our world (mobile data) will have to figure out is that what are the kinds of mobile data services that the consumer will use even when he/she has easy access to a PC. Not email and not maps and not IM…what will it be?