are you looking to be acquired?


I have this request. If its you or you know someone who fits this, please feel free to pass it on

Please contact me at ajit.jaokar at

A company based in Asia is looking to expand in the European/US market through acquisition.

From their request:

The possible profile of the company that would be of interest to us would be one of the following:

1. A services company with ongoing relationships and an annual revenue base of around $500k – $1 million or thereabouts in the space of Mobile/Internet technologies.

2. A product company with a product either ready or already in the market which we can leverage through our Distribution channels.

3. Content companies – With exclusive mobile rights of premium properties to leverage on the mobile medium.

4. A small company which would bring in powerful knowledge and relationships of a new geography to us.

5. We are not particular about the country where the target is located but if it is UK/Europe, Taiwan, Dubai (or thereabouts) or the Valley it is desirable.

Kind rgds