The Boing Boing C & D order: a viral marketing campaign?


Amazing news about Boing Boing getting a C and D order from a silly law firm for ‘anticipating the possibility of unauthorized streaming and downloading of FIFA World Cup matches’

But why Boing Boing?

Here are my conspiracy theories..

a) This is an advertising gimmick/viral marketing campaign.. When I was speaking in NY early this week, people did not seem very interested in the world cup. By taking such action against a prominent US blog site, this is an attempt to ‘raise awareness’ shall we say ..

b) Someone thought that ‘Boing Boing’ = sound of bouncing balls = soccer = C and D??

To many who have worked at law firms, this option is not too far fetched!

Anyway .. This may well be an own goal for the law firm in question. (I don’t want to link to them and provide them extra coverage : because it may well be an advertisement for the law firm itself?

In which case, is it legal?

A hint – the firm has something to do with tomato ketchup and trousers ..