Carnival of the mobilists – No 29


Hello all

Welcome to Carnival of the Mobilists No 29!

It’s indeed an honour to host the carnival. I have seen it grow starting with an email from Russell to what it is today! Before we get to the carnival itself, a few announcements

The carnival of the Mobilists now has a new site! Have a look at the mobilists site and tell us what you think. It also has a new sponsor in Khosla ventures. See the mobhappy post for the announcement HERE. My compliments to Russell and Carlo for this success!

Finally, I am starting a voluntary initiative to maintain a set of code which would make it easy for us all to blogroll each other (helps with Google greatly!). See the details at the end of this post and also on the mobilists forum (where we post our entries)

If you are not a member of the Carnival and an excellent blogger, no better time to start than now!

See the website for further details..

So, here goes

Xen Mendelsohn asks us about which brands we are happy to flaunt(or not!) in this case. Why are people not quite happy to flaunt a Mobile operator brand as they are a Nike or a Gucci?

This next one from Emily made me first think that it was too far fetched! But apparently not so .. it concerns mosquitoes, teenagers and clandestine messaging which only the under 20s can hear. Read more at Emily’s blog

Dennis gives us a very comprehensive review of the mobile version of the new Google RSS reader. A very comprehensive post and of interest to all bloggers and their readers(just about all of us!).

Justin Oberman at mopocket tells us about a new service that allows you to order and pay via SMS

Tomi and Alan discuss the impact of Eric Schmidt’s (Google CEO) viewpoints on the mobile web – a subject close to my heart. By the way, it’s their blog / book birthday this week. A great effort guys!

The folks at mobhappy have sent in their happy announcement of sponsorship by Khosla ventures. Please don’t forget to read this .. so many prizes to be won for both posts and hosts!

My entry at the OpenGardens blog gives numbers and stats indicating that the growth of mobile content is slowing down!

The smart folks at Smartmobs talk about a subject close to my heart .. the threat of the Darknet as outlined by Tim Berners Lee . Tim’s words say it all: “What’s very important from my point of view is that there is one web,” he said. “Anyone that tries to chop it into two will find that their piece looks very boring.”

Ian Wood – the digital evangelist - (last week’s host) – tells us about the delays in waiting for the Sony Ericsson M600 on Orange (A UMTS device with a Qwerty keyboard)

The pondering primate ponders about the disruptive potential of using barcodes to identify websites through a camera phone

Taking on the themes of privacy, for which he is well known, Troy Norcross provides a comprehensive definition of mobile marketing and mobile advertising

And over from Brisbane, Karen Flavell sends us a podcast about mComic, a mobile comic reader

Ned porting gives us his views on mobility and computing

Regular readers of Rudy’s blog will also know about his quest for flat rate(or at least predictable) pricing for mobile browsing. Once again, he comes up with a detailed post about Telefonica Movistar’s 3G portal e-mocion

Oliver Starr sends a late but great post on the Apple i-phone – Why the I-Phone Will Be Apple’s Huge Blunder . I have a lot to say about this topic – probably the subject of a whole new blog ..

Another late but great post from Debbie Jones. Debbie considers podcasting on mobile devices from first principles and asks the question If you are mobile when you listen, why would the answer be more PC browser tools? If podcasts work because they are time shifted why would real time call participation (Skypecast) be the answer? Think mobile! …especially when the activity is mobile.. You can read/hear more about this on Debbie’s blog mediaslaves

and finally!!

Douglas Galbi discussed how text messaging creates value relative to voice communication

And the best post?

In my view, the best post has to be original, insightful, and comprehensive. That goes to Dennis at the wapreview for the Google mobile RSS reader . A post I truly learnt from and also gives information useful for us all.

Next week’s carnival is at Darla Mack’s blog See you all there!

And for the blogrolling initiative, please see the thread on the mobilists site and use that file to blogroll the Mobilists. Any questions, please email me at ajit.jaokar at

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