Will web 2.0 spell the end of web 1.0 mapping companies?


I saw yet another mapping mashup – platial – on Michael Parekh’s blog

and that made me think ..

Currently, online mapping companies are one of the biggest success stories on the web. Google maps could change all that. Leaving aside the fact that googlemaps is backed by the power of google – the biggest advantage of a web 2.0 service like googlemaps is the power of mashup . Housingmaps is the best example of a mashup based on googlemaps and craigslist . And there are many more on the way at mashupfeed

Currently, the major online mapping players like multimap and streetmap (in the UK) are the destination of choice to find mapping information including directions. But for how long? As more mashups appear – we see services like google maps becoming central to our web experience. Where will that leave today’s mapping stars? If no one ‘mashes’ them – how useful would they be in the near future?

They can’t compete with the wisdom of crowds

Is the writing on the wall?

Image source: http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/boris/guides/maps/docks.jpg