I make it to the O’Reilly radar ..

It’s been a great day for me!

Its flattering to get good feedback from two very clued on guys on the web ..

First Alex Barnett said about my post Tim O’ Reilly‚Äôs seven principles of web 2.0 make a lot more sense if you change the order

In my view Ajit has nailed it. What he’s done, brilliantly and simply, is made one of the seven principles as the higher-level ‘collective application’, making the remaining six principles components of the collective application. The ‘collective application’ is the Intelligent Web.


Tim O Reilly himself mentioned the same post on the O Reilly radar ..

Principles of Web 2.0 Make More Sense if You Change the Order

So writes Ajit Jaokar, arguing that “Harnessing Collective Intelligence” is the root principle of Web 2.0, and the others make sense to the extent that you understand how they feed into (and draw from) this one. He’s absolutely right:

Many thanks Alex and Tim!