web 2.0, blind men and the elephant ..


Since I have an interest in mobile web 2.0(and by extension with web 2.0) – I get some interesting reactions from people. Everyone has a view on web 2.0 – it’s almost that we can’t discuss religion, politics AND web 2.0

Anyway .. Here are two recent incidents ..

A person who I met a few weeks ago insisted that web 2.0 is ‘community’. My point was – yes – it has some community features – but no it’s not ONLY about community. See my blog and Tim o Reilly’s original seven points and Dion Hinchcliffe’s post about thinking in web 2.0 to get an idea of how complex it really is. Somehow, many people want to take a one dimensional view when it comes to web 2.0 i.e. like the proverbial blind men – look at only one facet of web 2.0 and insist that it’s the whole.

Another example of this recently was someone who said that their software is in ‘perpetual beta’ – hence they believed they were using some features of web 2.0. (My feeling is they have too many bugs!) .. But .. more seriously .. perpetual beta applies to data more than it applies to software .. think indexing when you talk perpetual beta ..

There’s certainly a lot of confusion and many bandwagon seekers out there!

Image: http://www.wordfocus.com/word-act-blindmen.html