Mobile web 2.0 presentation from ETRI


I am indeed honoured to be blogrolled by Jonghong Jeon (전종홍, Jonathan Jeon) – senior Member of Research Staff

ETRI, Protocol Engineering Center in South Korea

Jonghong has also linked my entry Mobile web 2.0: AJAX for mobile devices – why mobile AJAX will replace both J2ME and XHTML as the preferred platform for mobile applications development – Part two on his blog. It’s partly in Korean – and my Korean extends to ‘Annanayo hassaiyo and Khamza meda’ :) but I have a longer email from him with more info

ETRI is in the same class as MIT as a research institute (but with an electronics and engineering focus) and I hope to visit it the next time I am in Seoul

Also, have a look at this excellent presentation from Jonghong Jeon – which very much reflects my thinking at the moment about mobile web 2.0. Its a large file more than 5M but well worth a read.

link HERE