How mobile phones are transforming societies


Another interesting article from the BBC about Africa (Nigeria) about how mobile phones are transforming society

I find this bit interesting

Telephone entrepreneurs

In any big town you just have to look around and there will be a boy within hailing distance ready to sell you a top-up card.

Girls are less likely to be scampering about in traffic jams with strings of cards. But give them a picnic table, a red, yellow or green umbrella, and a “make your calls here” sign, and they are set up in the telecommunications business.

The mobile phone companies have done more to tackle youth unemployment than any government project.

Being able to make phone calls has transformed working life in Nigeria.

I blogged about this phenomenon a while ago with – The mobile Internet will do more for Africa than live 8!

An extension of this level of communication is – news can no longer be controlled by governments and the Philippines government knows this only too well!

The interesting bit is – I observed the same phenomenon with Cable TV more than twelve years ago when I last lived in India. Once people get connected, their aspirations rise, they become more informed, corrupt politicians can’t cheat them, governments can’t censor information easily

This is just the beginning ..


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    Open Gardens on: How mobile phones are transforming societies

    Ajit points to a good BBC article on the changes in communications in Nigeria in the past 25 years. The same theme keeps popping up – the mobile phone is transforming the developing world. And, as Ajit says, it’s about