tags and identity

More clarifications from Tony Fish about

I am not a number – I am a tag concept

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Many thanks for all the insights. I was interested in views on the control aspect of numbering and search.

Players (corporate companies who own brands and networks) want control points for good economic reasons [barriers to entry], control of numbers has been an underpinning element in communications, search resolving [directory] has been another.

Whilst I understand comments about what are tags and resolving numbers, which look the same, I accept the criticism that I did not explain my intention well. I am not sure that I will do much better this time, but I am sure you will let me know, and I will still be somewhat vague, as this is thought in progress and your point of view is probably more valid than mine.

If (if) my identity (ID) is only a collection of verified information [assumption], I need two elements to justify identify ( who I say I am) – who I am based on some historical fact(s) and that these facts are conferred somehow. My historical facts are made up from my DOB, NI, education, jobs, interests, relations, finger print, preferences etc. These facts allow me to gain Identity and acquire verified identity (conferred) such as driving license, passport, entry cards etc. These verified identities in turn allow me to buy verified services such as banking. These verified services allow me to pay-for (buy) non-verified services such as communications, who give me a number, that becomes part of my identity. But a communication number cannot be used to identify who I am, therefore the loop is open. This suggests that I can use simple and then complex proof to gain an identity to gain access to services.

Now, Avatar’s, handles, numbers and indeed my name; are like tags, totally agree – they are descriptors in space and time to resolve something that I cannot remember as it is too complex [dna, ip address, family history] . However, some of these services are one dimensional and allow a user to hide, to be hidden, to falsely identify who they are and be me [fraud]. Verified Identity, my passport, driving license (in most cases) should be a true representation of who I am at some point in time. Now, how about a verified Tag. Something that allows me to be identified and verified, but not because who I say I am, but others. A closed loop system. Since, the Internet allows me to set up an ID called tonyfish, without proof. I can then take someone’s verified ID can communicate to another channel. As this is open – it can be abused.

“I am a verified TAG” This is built not from who I say I am [ allowing for fraud] but who others say I am [ ignoring corruption] Further, should I want to be found from a tag search term Tony Fish, there needs to be a ‘Data Base of Intentions” that translates the search into means (cognitive),hence new search is not about ‘searching a database to match’ but interruption of intent; aka John B book on “Search”

Is there any merit in having verified Tags, allowing others to confer details and facts. The wider the agreement of Facts, say using friends reunited, linkedin, msn, web pages the more likely the person is who they say they are and it is the right person.