Game Co’s to SUN: “We are not amused”

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I have been saying something similar

at Mobile web 2.0: AJAX for mobile devices – why mobile AJAX will replace both J2ME and XHTML as the preferred platform for mobile applications development (a second version of this article is out soon)

From the mobile entertainment site:

Games elite tackles fragmentation

11:30, Feb 10th by Tim Green

Fourteen of the industry’s biggest hitters have joined forces to address mobile gaming’s handset fragmentation nightmare.

The group, which includes EA, Digital Chocolate, Nokia, Texas Instruments and Microsoft, has defined an open gaming architecture for native mobile games for phones. The big idea? To make development quicker and ultimately cheaper while providing a rich gaming experience for the consumer.

At present, mobile games development is hamstrung by the fact that one game needs to be tweaked potentially hundreds of times for different handsets. These devices all implement Java differently and have a variety of screen sizes, keyboard lay-outs and user interfaces.

The cost and time implications are enormous. This new architecture won’t solve the problem, but it should ease it with a common set of capabilities. The first ‘reference implementations’ are expected to be available in the second half of 2006.

It’s significant that the 14-strong alliance includes participants from across the chain, namely developers, middleware providers, chip makers, OS vendors, handset companies and operators. “It’s a great achievement to have reached this level of agreement” said Lincoln Wallen, CTO for EA Mobile. “By working together to support the delivery of a standard game architecture onto mobile phones we are shaping the future of the industry.”

The full list of participants is: Activision, Digital Chocolate, EA, Ideaworks3D, Konami, Microsoft, MontaVista Software, Nokia, Samsung, SK Telecom, Square Enix, Symbian, Tao Group and Texas Instruments.