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One of the advantages of blogging is – you get to interact with interesting people and ideas from all over the world. James Governor emailed me this interesting idea of tag gardening.

Tag gardening is the concept of nurturing ‘tags’. James makes the point that Yahoo seems to be following a strategy of being a tag gardener. Google succeeded based on ‘links’ – could Yahoo succeed with ‘tags’?

As I pointed out in the mobile 2.0 service blueprint before, tagging could be an effective way to search content from a mobile device – especially considering implicit tags.

James takes the idea of tagging further through the concept of nurturing tags and says ..

Like plants or animals, tags evolve in an emergent fashion, open to hybridisation. Stewardship can help grow and put roots down. Helping the darwinian process is tag gardening. Tag gardening is about taking tags in the wild and tending to them, or identifying a wild tag that will do well in your south facing IT garden. I am talking about domestication here.

And also ..

Are industry analysts tag gardeners? Tag gardening is certainly a role Gartner plays. Enterprise IT vendors pay Gartner to use its tags, and to show how well they fit the way Gartner uses these tags.

A key platform for tag gardening is Yahoo, which has recently acquired pretty many of the key players in declarative living – delicious, flickr, WebJay. Yahoo is buying communities of taggers, some of whom are tag gardeners. A great example are communities on flickr, which coalesce around tags and create communities in the process. Yahoo now offers a number of platforms for tagging, and therefore tag management, or tag gardening.

You can read more from his blog entry HERE

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