Happy to be part of the web20 workgroup ..


I am happy to announce that I have been invited to the web20workgroup. It’s an honour I am proud to accept

It’s indeed a privilege to be here .. The group includes some of the world’s leading thinkers on web 2.0 covering all aspects of web2.0 from trends, analysis, VC and technology.

I am thankful to the three founders of the group Michael Arrington, Richard MacManus, and Frederico Oliveira for accepting me and especially Richard Mc Manus for proposing my name. I also appreciate the support of Dion Hinchcliffe in clarifying my thinking about web 2.0

The group consists of a variety of experts. Happy to see an old friend Oliver ‘Stitch’ Starr – prolific blogger and venture capitalist from mobilecrunch. And also Dave Winer – industry guru whose blog is read – among others by Bill Gates and Jacob Nielsen

I find web 2.0 fascinating.. and my own admission – I am not an expert on web 2.0. However, much of what I have been saying in OpenGardens is conceptually the same as web 2.0

On boxing day last year, building on the ideas of people like Richard Mc Manus and Dion Hinchcliffe, I set out to expand the concept of web 2.0 in the areas of mobility and digital convergence.

In a series of blogs – I outlined my views about how web 2.0 could play out across a range of devices – especially the mobile phone. These resonated with many people worldwide – including the web20workgroup founders. Hence, happy to be here.

I look forward to contributing more to the development of mobile web 2.0 through this group.

Also happy to discuss any questions re web 2.0 especially mobile web 2.0.

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