syscon media republishes my mobile web 2.0 article ..


Hello all,

I am pleased about this!

My blog on mobile web 2.0 has been republished by

syscon – one of the most respected internet group of magazines.

You can see it HERE

By the way, syscon also publish Dion Hinchcliffe’s blog which gets as many as 40,000 hits and is one of the most respected web 2.0 blogs.

NOT being an expert on web 2.0(as I state in my blog early on) .. this is indeed an honour.

However, it’s very nice for my views to be accepted at such high levels(i.e. the philosophy of OpenGardens – the impact of the Internet on mobility – which is very similar to the basic web 2.0 concepts as I have written)

I am happy!

Kind rgds