Crazy frog: Should mblox be fined?


Hello all

The crazy frog episode seems to have culminated with mblox being fined by the ICSTIS

Qs is – should mblox be fined and not Jamba(the creator of the crazy frog)

The mblox argument (as you can see from the press release below) is – the current regulation implies that only the provider(and not the creator of the content) can be fined.

That may be so(and I believe that the regulation needs reviewing) BUT ..

Is that not the role of the provider to advise the client about exactly such potential issues? Afterall, mblox are members of every organization under the sun from the MDA, MEF , MMA, 160 characters , Australian direct marketing association !

Surely, they can’t claim innocence?

Either it’s collusion(with Jamba) or incompetence ..

Not a pretty choice .. But a brutally frank one ..

What do you think?

In addition, what do you think this does for the reputation of the mobile marketing industry? Such behaviour merely tars mobile marketers with the same brush unfortunately.

However, I do think that the rules under which they are fined are unfair

Seek comments?

mblox press release

160 characters article