siigh .. when will our industry learn?


I blinked .. and I stared .. at a billboard in central London which proclaimed ‘i-mode is coming – and that it’s faster than WAP’

Faster than WAP????

Firstly, anyone who has done any performance tuning/analysis knows that ‘faster’ is a relative term. It depends .. depends upon many factors and if you stack the cards right .. WAP could well be ‘faster’ than i-mode .. not that anyone cares ..

Speaking of which .. let’s hope consumers have short memories when it comes to WAP (like most analysts – I agree that WAP is a success as a transport mechanism – but we are talking consumer apps here ..)

Secondly .. No one cares about WAP/i-mode .. Its more about what can people do with it. Better to sell it in terms of services and features than technology .. This is a very familiar feeling .. first WAP, then MMS, and now i-mode(claiming to be faster than WAP?) ..

Being an ‘old timer’ in this industry(and that’s 1999/2000) ..

I recollect seeing an ad at our local carphone warehouse in Harrow ..

It was a 7110 with a soccer ball on it as shown ..


It was worldcup fever and the impression was .. you could see vivid colours etc on the phone(or even watch the goal itself) .. The point is .. that’s a 7110 .. 9.6K GSM ..

The i-mode billboard reminded me of that .. once again .. the ad men(and women .. let’s be politically correct here J ) have got it hopelessly wrong ..

Soccer ball image from site_map.htm

7110 from Nokia