uk content usage statistics

UK spent £750m in 2005 which is 18 times more than money spent three years ago.

According to a recent report from mintel(and reported in the metro newspaper – London) , demand for all downloads , apart from wallpapers and screen savers that make up a tenth of the sale, will double by January. Gambling which makes up 9% of the sales is expected to grow a staggering 367 percent.

Ringtones costing about £3 make a third of the sales

Games costing about £5 make a quarter of the sales


a) Not sure about the stats on gambling

b) Not sure why the numbers will double by Jan – agree that 3G is very much here now in europe but that still does not explain the ‘doubling’

c) However, the current market stats are very useful

d) I expect that truetones will make the market for ringtones non existant except for the rights owners. Currently, many content companies are surviving on the back of ringtones(or adult content)

I wonder what channels are used for these downloads(especially the portal/off portal isssue) and which are the optimal channels?