t-mobile web-n-walk ..


web-n-walk is becoming more clear now and certainly sounds intersting.

Essentially .. it means ..

Google on the front page.

Access to the full Internet (under 18 lock)

Websites like bbc etc linked on the main page

For consumers T-Mobile offers three tariffs, starting at GBP30

($53.14), GBP38 ($67.31) and GBP55 ($97.43) a month for 100, 200

and 400 call minutes respectively. All these tariffs allows for

40MB of data downloads, with additional data costing GBP1 ($1.77)

per megabyte

Tom Jowitt writes in T-mobile challenges the walled garden

The launch of Web’n'Walk is seen as crucial for the operator’s UK business, which has been losing market share to rivals such as O2 plc, which launched its own mobile internet proposition, i-mode, just last month. Also in September another UK operator, 3 UK, unveiled plans to give its customers access to a limited amount of web content beyond its own “walled garden”.

As we predicted in OpenGardens, the walled gardens model was never expected to last – but its interesting to see the divergence in the marketplace(vodafone live, mmo2-imode, 3 and now t-mobile ) are all following different strategies

also ..

T-Mobile imagines business users will be heavier data users, and has increased charges correspondingly. Instead of the monthly tarrifs, business users will pay approximately 90 pounds ($159) for a 1GB data bundle, which can be renewed when the limit has been exceeded.

I dont understand the emphasis on the business user .. but time will tell .. I still think its a consumer application and a useful one at that ..