ringtones – out of tune?


According to Richard windsor mobile analyst for Nomura research(and as reported in the FT on Aug 1), – rigntones are no longer ringing the tills ..

I am not surprised. Indeed with the rise of truetones, this was predictable because the income from content such as truetones is mainly going to the record labels leaving independent companies like infospace and monstermob out of the value chain.

As we have been saying in OpenGardens, there is a business alright here .. but its for the record owvers/brand owners/media players. Independent companies(even well funded ones such as infospace) do not have a viable business model unless they innovate.

Like mobile marketing before it, its possible that ringtones were a fad. Once the novelty wears off, usage drops.

I welcome this news because it displays a maturing industry. If companies like infospace are feeling the heat, so will the operators –forcing the industry as a whole to welcome new thinking

image source: www.crazy-frog.us/ crazy-frog.jpg