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Just shows that this is the industry to be in inspite of all the doom and gloom!

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3 Billion Mobile Users by 2009?

There will be one billion handsets a year sold by 2009, with nearly 3 billion mobile users, says Gartner research.

They predict 779 million handset sales for 2005, versus

previous estimate of 750 million. Gartner predicts that the handset

sales will break the 1 billion per year barrier in 2009, when it says

there will be 2.6 billion mobiles in use.

In 2005, mobile phone sales will reach 779 million units, a 16 percent increase on 2004.

More than 100 million 3G phones will be sold in 2006.

More than 200 million smartphones will be sold in 2008.

Worldwide Mobile Terminal Sales, 1997 to 2009

(Millions of Units)

Source: Gartner Dataquest (July 2005)

“The sales volume cannot be attributed to one region in particular.

It’s a truly global phenomenon,” said Carolina Milanesi, principal

analyst at Gartner for mobile terminals. “In mature markets like Europe

and North America, subscribers are still buying replacement phones. In

emerging markets like Brazil and India, new customers are signing up

for mobile services at an even faster rate.”

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  1. rebecca says:

    we are a corporate communications company, and was wondering if you could inform us of some sales statistics for mobile phone contract sales in the uk for the past five years??? thank you, it would be greatly appreciated.