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Hello all

As some of you may know, I run Ecademy’s mobile applications club

Following the launch of this blog last week, I swapped notes with a number of mobile apps club members – many of whom wanted to know more about blogging

I also thought that perhaps we should help bloggers who are serious about their own blogs.

(more on that below)

Here are my views based on my research as I launch my blog and also a thought on how we could help your own blog to be set up. Most of these notes I prepared in response to questions from Dave Jennings – so some thanks go to him for the questions and motivation.

This discussion does not include a more general overview of blogging(i.e. political blogging/impact on journalism etc etc). I am assuming that you are in a technology oriented sector(and ideally mobility related).

Firstly, why should you blog?

For starters, google loves blogs. within a week of starting my blog – we are closed to an alexa rating of 200,000 and show a sharp jump in traffic

Secondly, it could increase your business profile and sales

Its the same as when I started the mobile apps club more than two years ago now. Many people ask me – ‘Have I made sales from it?’ Yes, undoubtedly. But you never know where it could lead to(in my case, a complete realignment of my business to a publisher). Something I could never have anticipated. In addition, its fun. I genuinely enjoy it.

I got into blogging based on Tomi’s new book – Communities Dominate Brands and observing the success of Russell Buckley’s blog – Both long time associates of mine and whose views I respect

Back in 2002, wired magazine said Weblogs Are To Words What Napster Was To Music and its easy to see that now!

I view blogging as ‘your conversation channel’. Thus, its not a radio(i.e. not one-way) but still a channel(i.e. a means where you give out information and receive information)

To run a successful channel, you must be (among other things)

a) Consistent (i.e. blog regularly) and have fresh content

b) Have a ‘voice’ – a viewpoint/an opinion(this is best expressed in the classic ‘The cluetrain mainfesto’ especially the chapter Markets are conversations

c) Engage with your audience in some way(i.e. a style)

d) Be ‘catchy’

e) Ideally include pictures(and in future richer media)

f) Include something about yourselves(like your favourite cartoon character :) )

g) Provide something useful to your audience

You could speak about your business ofcourse(in fact – in the context of a business blog – I think you should – albeit not exclusively about business)

From a structural perspective, there are three ways you could blog -

a) Installing a software like moveable type on your server

b) A hosted solution like typepad or

c) At a third party site(a number of bloggers posting on the same site) for example Creative weblogging

I chose (a) mainly because I wanted to run it from my own server and wanted

to take a long term view. I believe over a long term blogging can benefit my

site at least in terms of traffic.

This is not too difficult to do(email me if you wish to know more). However, any option is fine

There is ofcourse, the Jonathan Schwartz approach(blog on your company site – link below)

However, I suspect that’s easier if you are Jonathan (Sun President) and you work for Sun! Most companies don’t get this and PR departments would be on it before you could say ‘Press release’!

Its all online – so its easy to see people who are doing well and emulate them

Here are some bloggers I like and you can learn from

Jonathan Schwartz’s blog

(Sun supremo – President and COO )

(Doc Searls blog - The cluetrain manifesto guy)

Boing Boing

The one and only – Xeni Jardin – whose invitation only community I am a part of for many years

Xeni defies classification – but a very clued on person IMHO

Joi Ito’s blog see more of Joi HERE

Philosophically, the idea of blogs empowering the individual – appeal to my libereterian ethos.

which leads to ..finally how can this blog help you?

Simply put, if you intend to start a blog(no matter where) – let me know. We can publicise it through the club, weekly email and by linking(trackbacking) to it. At least that will give you a launch pad into blogosphere

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome

kind regards



  1. Jim O Reilly says:

    Great list of alternative channel opportunities in the Open Gardens spirit. One more I would add is the Chipset designers (e.g ARM, TI etc) -they also have partner programs for embedded apps
    Regards Jim