TV genius

tv genius.bmp

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Tom Weiss yesterday

(Vice President Key Service Introduction T-Mobile International).

One of the interesting applications he pointed out to me was tv genius .

In the mobile apps club, we are using this application as a gedankenexperiment – a thought experiment – on how we could market such an application off portal

Initial thoughts(collated from discussions in the club HERE are

a) currently it has SMS alerts. Could expand to video feeds

b) The concept is simple and useful. Perhaps we could get

sponsorship for it from the content people

c) A small ad from the advertisers with each message perhaps?

d) From Nick Ris

For me the obvious cash generator would be up sell of home tv package. i.e. you type in ‘Football’ and the results display shows that you can’t watch because you don’t have SKY etc such that you push users to your affiliate partners to get the better TV package..

e) Build up a community first and then expand on it

Mobile TV is a buzzword at the moment and so this app may have timed it right(but still needs to start as a simple SMS alert and grow a community in my view). Give me your ideas and I shall pass them on and refer you on the blog