skype making inroads into mobile?


Two news articles today that link skype(and VOIP) to mobile.

Thats good news since it broadens the market!

imode strategy(a good sounce of all things imode and Japanses mobility) says ..

The newest team-up pairs Japan’s Fusion Communications with Skype Technologies. Fusion takes incoming number-based calls and works with Skype’s database to route them to Skype IP telephony subscribers using the 050- prefix, similar to NTT Communications’ Click-2-Connect IP phone service, also using the 050 designation.

and a thread from the mobile apps club by Julian Bond

is about a similar product from ipdrum

I am watching this space with interest

ipdrum does not say a lot but I expect it will be a similar product like Fusion.

Its nice to see this space hotting up!