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Companies often forget that the mobile operator is not the only channel to market. In a discussion we had at the Mobile applications club, we identified 23 more.

Here they are

1) Embedded applications within the handset – for example embedded games like ‘Snake’ on Nokia handsets. This requires a partnership with the device manufacturer

2) Partnership programs created by operating system vendors such as Symbian. In general, many large vendors have partnership programs. Often, these programs also have a ‘marketplace’ i.e. a place where third party applications can be sold.

3) Third party content sites on the Internet for example Monstermob

4) Distributors/aggregators who could sell games or content from their site for example or in turn resell the content to operators with whom they have built commercial relationships.

5) High street stores: Selling applications in high street stores – either Mobile operator owned or independent stores ex Carphone warehouse

6) SIM applications – i.e. applications deployed on the SIM card

7) Developer programs from handset manufactures such as forum Nokia

8) Bundling and packaging with other products – for example CD inlays for selling ringtones

9) Media / promotion / advertising companies who may manage brands. Promotion campaigns for these brands could include a Mobile element. Examples of such agencies are flytext

10) Web portals such as yahoo

11) Other media like Newspapers, television, radio stations etc who could be potential partners due to their access to a large customer base.

12) Specific channels depending on application types – for example offline dating agencies for Mobile dating applications

13) Systems integrators who could have existing relationships with large corporate customers.

14) Third party Mobile portals either based on WAP or more recently Java.

15) Fixed line operators(wireline, cable, DSL, Wifi)

16) MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators)

17) Communities

18) Partnerships with device manufacturers(add on memory applications)

19) Distribution via Bluetooth

20) Off portal revenues(Premium SMS/Bango etc)

21) Prepaid cards

22) Kiosk/Point of use

23) Viral marketing and ofcourse

24) The mobile operator!!

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